Building Champions

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Building Champions

Intercollegiate athletics has the power to bring us together. Trojans Unite Building Champions is a campaign designed to engage committed alumni, friends of Dakota State, and dedicated community leaders in raising private funds to advance DSU Athletics in the critical area of athletics facilities.

“Trojans Unite Building Champions is about dynamic student athletes, distinctive students, and this wonderful community of Madison which we call home. This will forever change the game on the courts and fields, in the classroom, and across the region. Unite with us as we build DSU champions.”

Dr. José-Marie Griffiths - President, Dakota State University






Target Student Athlete Population

Top priorities

“We get to be part of the next phase in DSU history. Dakota State is on the cutting edge of technology, programs, and opportunities. The addition of new athletics facilities will further show just how high DSU has risen. We've been building champions for years and I can't wait to finally see that first kickoff on Blankley Field. Our opponents won't know what hit them.”

Cody Brown '24 - Football

Thank you

“Through the help of many generous donors, we have made significant gains in scholarship dollars. This allows our teams to offer the athletics scholarships necessary to compete with other NAIA schools in recruiting quality, regional student athletes to our programs. 

The next step for us to be able to compete consistently for conference titles and National Championships

is the development of this athletics complex. The Fieldhouse was built in 1957, the football stadium has a grass surface instead of artificial turf, and we do not have an indoor practice facility, even though seven months of the year require teams to train indoors. This puts us behind most NAIA schools in our region in recruiting. 

New facilities will allow us to inspire fans, add additional sports, and continue to elevate Trojan Athletics.”

- Jeff Dittman, DSU Athletics Director


Jeff Dittman

Jeff Dittman
Athletic Director


Endless benefits

The new DSU Athletics Complex is designed to benefit and grow all of Dakota State’s current athletics programs: football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball and softball, volleyball, cross country, track and field, cheerleading, and Esports. It also accounts for the potential addition and development of new sports programs like soccer, golf, and lacrosse.

Institutional Advancement

Logan Bornholdt

Logan Bornholdt
Assistant Director of Development for Athletics