Oral History Project

The Dakota State University Alumni Association is collaborating with trusted partner PCI, the company that already produces our alumni directory on a new project. The goal of the Dakota State Oral History Project is to collect the stories of alumni like you in your own words and preserve them in a book that celebrates the impact Dakota State University has had on your lives and who you are today. Every year that we don’t capture and preserve these stories feels like another opportunity lost, so we’re excited to get started today!

Have You Moved?

As part of this project, we are also taking this opportunity to help make it easier for you to stay connected to Dakota State. PCI will help us to collect updated contact information from those of you who may have moved and inadvertently lost touch with your alma mater.

Your Story

So what Trojan Story will you tell?

  • Did a special faculty or staff member have a profound impact on your life?
  • Did you meet your sweetheart at Dakota State?
  • Can you trace your career path back to a defining moment at our Alma Mater?
  • Have connections you made on campus turned into lifelong friendships?
  • Were you at the Dakota State during a historical moment?
  • Are you a legacy Trojan, meaning there are other Trojans in your family?

PCI Partnership

With our limited resources, we’d never be able to tackle a project like this. By partnering with PCI, we’re able to access their trained staff of real live human beings who are excited to listen to what you have to share. PCI will also be helping us to collect and assemble the stories into the Seahawk Stories book that we can share with all Seahawks. Please note that we have only shared your contact information with PCI in conjunction with this project. We have NOT sold your contact information or otherwise used it for outside marketing purposes.

Do I have to buy something?

No. This project is being done at NO COST to Dakota State University or the Alumni. PCI will offer you to purchase the book along with other branded merchandise such as a hat, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and a travel bag. You are welcome to purchase these items, but you are NOT required to do so to (a) participate in the project or (b) order the book. Again, we’d never be able to embark on a project like this without the support of our amazing alumni and the partnership with PCI. So we sincerely thank every person that participates and chooses to purchase the book.

What’s next?

Soon you will be receiving email and postcard communications from the PCI team with instructions on how to participate. We’d like to invite you to share one of your stories with us, and take part in this first-of-its-kind project to honor the experiences and voices of our alumni. The PCI team will collect stories until July 15, 2022. After then, they will enter a post-production phase editing the data.

We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you why “Dakota State University will forever be, deep in our memory.”

It's really from DSU.

You have probably received a postcard from our trusted partner PCI, asking you to participate in the DSU Oral History Project. You can call the number on the card confident that this effort will result in a wonderful document that will paint a great picture of life as a DSU student through the years. We are so looking forward to hearing your stories and hope that you will consider participating in this wonderful project.