Trojan Athletics

DSU football athlete Cody Brown giving a speech

Cody Brown '24

"I can't wait to see that first kickoff on Blankley Field. I may not know all that that day will bring, but I can promise you this: our opponents won't know what hit them.

Thank you, to our coaches, to the Madison Community, and to the supporters of Trojan athletics. Because of you, we have the opportunity to play the sport we love in a facility that is above any other in our conference. We have the opportunity to play the sport we love...and look good doing it, if I may say...Influencing the community on a whole different level.

We're here, we're playing, we're inspiring excitement and pride.

I can't wait for us to keep that momentum. I know that Trojan nation will rally around the rest of this project, and that we will see these facilities into reality. We really are rising. I'm honored to be part of the journey. 

Thank you and Go Trojans!"

DSU track athlete Shaylee Debeer

Shaylee Debeer '24

"My scholarship allows me to pursue a degree while still getting the opportunity to compete in college sports at a high level. The support that we receive is very much appreciated by all of the DSU athletes."


DSU Volleyball team celebrating a point
The trojans unite logo
DSU football's Dajshon Keel running with the football